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Harsh & Unpredictable Weather Conditions Have Nothing On Our Nor'Easter

As a New Hampshire based company, Rimol knows snow - from the light, frosty flakes of early December to the thick, heavy slush of early March. We’re no strangers to some of the worst of what Old Man Winter can dish out - and as any farmer knows, it can be tough to keep growing strong through the winter when you’re facing freezing temperatures, huge snow drifts, and wicked winds. Luckily, Rimol Greenhouse Systems has devised a solution that can take on even the worst winter storms - and, fittingly, it’s called the Nor’Easter.


Clara's Corner: Four-Season Farming is Well Worth Its Minor Challenges


It’s December; the air is getting brisk and snow is finally on the ground - and for an experienced four-season farmer like Clara Coleman of Four Season Farm, that means they are well into well into the winter season. Clara and her father Eliot Coleman have been busy positioning their mobile greenhouses (like Rimol’s Movable Feast), planning out their over-winter crops, and getting ready for a winter harvest that’s been somewhat delayed by weeks of warmer weather.


Clara’s Corner: Winter Makes No Match for Four Season Farming


Temperatures may be dropping and the sunlight may be waning, but that’s definitely not enough to stop Four Season Farm in Harborside, Maine. Founded by four-season farming pioneer Eliot Coleman and spearheaded by his daughter and Four Season Farm liaison Clara Coleman, the farm utilizes some of today’s most trusted tools to keep growing strong even as winter begins its approach - and with plenty of veggies and herbs to show for it, it may seem like the growing season never really has to end.


UNH Releases Research Report on Winter Spinach Production in High Tunnels

Over the past two years, the Sideman Lab at the Univeristy of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension has conducted extensive research into winter spinach production in high tunnels.

A 48' x 30' moveable Rolling Thunder (TM) High Tunnel Rimol Greenhouse was used.  It included an inflated double layer of 6 mil plastic with polycarbonate end walls.  Gable shutters were vented at 60 degrees Farenheit, and automated roll-up side maintained inside temperatures below 70 degrees Farenheit.

Clara's Corner: Artichokes Are In at Four Season Farm

Artichokes are in at Four Season Farm! Beautiful Imperial Star artichokes grown as annuals in Maine. If started in February, vernalized for 6 weeks in the spring, and then transplanted outdoors in late May, they can be ready to harvest by late July. Typically one primary head about 4" in diameter, plus 5-7 slightly smaller secondary buds, per plant. Because they are grown as annuals, there is very little fuzzy choke so you can eat the whole heart - absolutely delicious! Eliot is fond of saying that he likes to grow artichokes in Maine just to make the Californians nervous.