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Greenhouse Structure Applications

Our greenhouse structures can be used in many ways

Rimol Greenhouse Systems offers an extensive selection of greenhouse structures for commercial and residential growers. If you’re looking to construct a retail greenhouse, school greenhouse, or a research greenhouse, our versatile lineup will fit your needs.


Such systems have been seen at farms, retail facilities, schools, research institutions, homes, garden centers, and more. If you have an idea for a unique application for your greenhouse structure, let us know, and we’ll help plan your complete project and answer any questions you may have. Call us today at (877) 746-6544 to get started. Below are common and not-so-common ways that some of our greenhouse structures have been utilized:


common1Growing Greenhouse

The most common use of a growing greenhouse is for planting a variety of flowers, trees, fruits, and vegetables. Growing can be done by individuals for personal use, by farmers wishing to sell their crops at a local farmer's market, or by larger producers of fruits and vegetables planning to sell wholesale.

A growing greenhouse can be beneficial to farmers by extending the growing season and helping to protect plants from harsh weather conditions or insects. By providing growers with a completely controllable environment, crops can even be produced in a greenhouse year round, which will greatly increase profit and sales for the farmer. For growing applications, you can either use a high tunnel greenhouse structure, or a hydroponicgreenhouse system. A high tunnel can be used for season extension or year round growing. A hydroponic greenhouse system is one that uses a soil less media for growing, which provides farmers a higher yield of fresh produce.

A Rolling Thunder greenhouse structure is an advanced high tunnel system that is mobile through using a set of wheels for increased crop production. However, any type of growing greenhouse can be fitted for farming applications, and can provide major benefits for all kinds of growers, including those growing for personal use, for small scale farmer's markets, or as wholesale food retailers.

common2Retail Greenhouse

Often times, retail greenhouse structures are used as a protected environment for displaying plants and produce for sale. By using benches or hanging baskets, all kinds of flowers and plants can be displayed in an attractive and functional setting that will allow them to remain healthy and beautiful for as long as possible. Retail greenhouses can provide retailers with a way to control the heating, cooling, ventilation, sunlight, water, and other factors affecting the growing environment, while providing protection from harsh weather and insects.

Matterhorns are often used as a retail greenhouse because of their attractive appearance and rock solid construction. However, any greenhouse from Rimol Greenhouse Systems can be designed in an eye-catching way that allows customers to choose from an entire selection of beautiful plants. A commercial greenhouse structure can improve the sales and customer service of any plant retailer, and provides exactly what you need to keep your plants healthy and strong.

common3School Greenhouse

University, rehabilitation, and school greenhouse centers are capable of various applications. School and universities can utilize a greenhouse structure as a supplement to their science curriculum, by creating an area for students to explore plants and learn about biology and chemistry in a hands-on way.

Research institutions can also similarly utilize greenhouses to learn more about the structures and systems of plants, and to discover potential medicinal or other uses of different types of plants. Plants can also be easily stored and maintained so that they can be studied by scientists. Rimol Greenhouse Systems has completed a number of projects for schools and universities, and offers an educational greenhouse package to make it simple for schools and universities to start their own project.

common4Research Greenhouse

Many of our greenhouse structures can easily be converted into research facilities for professional use. By utilizing our greenhouses, researches can study plant structures, growing techniques, and the different ways to use certain types of flowers and herbs. By providing a warm, dry environment for plants to be cultivated, a greenhouse can create the perfect place to conduct research and experiments for scientists leading all sorts of different industries. Professional researchers can depend on Rimol Greenhouses to create a controlled atmosphere for growth and storage of all different variety of plants.