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Ordering Information

Buy your greenhouse package online or request a quote for custom options

You can order almost any product from Rimol Greenhouse Systems by shopping in our online store, selecting your products and options and adding them to your cart. Once you fill out your billing information and we verify your payment, your complete order will be shipped directly to you.


If you are ordering a greenhouse structure, you can order online by selecting from our greenhouse package options that are specific for each greenhouse. However, you can also choose to fill out one of our quote request forms for any of the greenhouses so that you can individually specify which options you would like for your greenhouse structure, and we can provide you with a customized price reflecting the options that you have selected. You can use whichever method of ordering is easier for you, and we will ensure that you receive the exact structure that you would like.


Some of our products cannot be ordered online due to the level of customization that they require. Descriptions and features of these products are still available in our store, but if you would like to purchase one of these custom products, you must call Rimol Greenhouse Systems to receive a quote. Call our sales representatives toll-free today at (877) 746-6544 to request a quote for one of our products.


You can also read through our shipping information for terms and conditions, our return policies, liability information and more.